This tour is an extension of the basic iPIX tour.  It can include visible hotspots within the scene

that point the viewer to additional features or scenes.  These features can include pop-up text, 

flat images, and/or additional iPIX™ 360° images.  This is one method of linking together a virtual

tour without a template.  For this to work the iPIX™ viewer must be installed on the viewers 

internet browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.), which can be done for free from the iPIX 


iPIX™ 360° scenes can added for all or some areas of the house with typically some flat images to

complement.  Certain symmetrical features  of architecture display more dramatically as a flat 

image (symmetry sample).  

This type of tour takes some planning and details over how to display what you may have in mind

will be discussed in further detail during the interview.  All of the tours here were created with the

real estate agent and their purposes in mind.  Your tour will be custom tailored to meet your needs.

When viewing an iPIX™ 360° scene, one or more hotspots with pop-up text can be embedded, which

when clicked will display flat image of art work.  Background music and/or voice over can also be

inserted into each iPIX™ scene to create a certain mood or convey a message about the room or artwork.

See a sample with hotspots.